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About Us

What is Lurendium? We are an interesting mix of game developers living and working in China. Every each of us has a different set of skills varying from gameplay programming, graphics and shaders, to game design, management and business side of games.

This website is a place for us where we can share some ideas with other developers. Right now we treat Lurendium as a hobby. Every post that we release is more of a message in a bottle that we send. We hope that there will be a person that will pick this bottle, open it and find out that the message inside was very useful 🙂

Our dream would be that after a while some of the bottles will start to come back to us and result with some new ideas and connections.

It happens that few of us are on the bleeding edge of the game dev industry, so you can expect some interesting articles about the newest solutions or engine features. If you are interested in any topic and would like to see it in a form of article or tutorial, feel free to contact us! If you happen to be in China, don’t be shy and write to any of us. We would love to empty some bottles together! 😀





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